I try to make clear and colorful scores.  The concertmaster of the Imaginary Symphony’s premiere said my music was “naked”, and I think this is an apt description.



Imaginary Symphony No. 1 (with children's chorus) [1995-97]
Commissioned by the Fairfield Orchestra
Funded in part by a grant from Meet The Composer
Premiere in Carnegie Hall, New York, October 23, 1997
Recorded on Navona NV5904

"With his unique orchestral voice, Piccolo summons the coveted spring of youth and the unbridled creativity that flows within its waters… Replete with thoughtful and effective artistic choices, Piccolo's playful yet pensive symphony is a tour de force…"
Andrew Schartmann, Music and Vision, July 22, 2013

“The riveting, cornucopia program opened slam-bang with a world premiere, Anthony Piccolo’s ‘Imaginary Symphony No. 1’…  Piccolo is a composer of skill and imagination.  He writes for children with deft, pragmatic savvy and orchestrates with craftful fantasy.  His three-movement symphony is eminently accessible and probably one of the most appealing pieces for children and orchestra ever written.”
John S. Sweeney, The Advocate, Stamford, Conn., October 30, 1997

“…a tremendously appealing work.  Lyrical, imaginative, exciting and altogether beautiful...”
Joel H. Hupper, Westport (Conn.) News, October 27, 1995
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Postea [2007-08] quartet of viols
1. Recordatio
2. Intervalle facto
3. Virtutis nenia
Premiere by “Parthenia”, Picture Ray Studio, NYC
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Flûtes de suite
[2005-06] multi-flute soloist
1. A Walk at Night (flute) 
2. Railride at Dusk (alto flute)
3. Nowhere and Back (piccolo)
4. ...sleep: perchance... (bass flute or flute)
Premiere by the St. Cecilia Chamber Ensemble, NYC
Recorded on Navona NV5904

"…the ever-changing face of Piccolo's suite, which unfolds like a set of nested character pieces.
Andrew Schartmann,Music and Vision, July 22, 2013
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Fanfare-Sonatina for four horns [2002]
Premiere by the St. Cecilia Chamber Ensemble, NYC
Recorded on Navona NV5904
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Sonata for Cello Solo [1999]
Commissioned by the Southampton Chamber Music Festival
Premiere in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, 2000
Recorded on Navona NV5904

"…very dramatic and attractive…"
Daniel Coombs, Audophile Audition, May 24, 2013
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The Gift [Psalms 127 and 121] [2010]
mixed voices and organ
Commissioned by the Harrow School
Premiere in St. Paul's Cathedral, London 

O Trinity of Radiant Light [2002]
mixed voices, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, timpani, organ
Commissioned by Trinity Church, Boston, for their 125th anniversary

Six Oakham Introits [2000] mixed voices, no. 6 with organ
Commissioned by the Oakham School
Premiere in St. John's, Smith Square, London, 2000
Recorded on Oakham School / Opera Omnia ·OP682
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Fever Time, seven songs to words by Susan Kander [2000]
children's voices, percussion and celesta
Premiere in the David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, New York by the New York City Opera Children's Chorus
Recorded on Navona NV5904

"Fever Time is another wonderfully captivating work, for a pared-down children’s vocal ensemble…"
Daniel Coombs, Audiophile Audition, May 24, 2013

"[E]ach of Fever Time's seven songs invokes a wealth of fantastic imagery…"
Andrew Schartmann,Music and Vision, July 22, 2013

"…intimate poeticism… a mallet pulsation that has a pre-minimalist, world-encompassing quality…"
Grego Applegate Edwards, Classical-Modern Music Review, July 19, 2013
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Bath Abbey Service (Fifth Service) [1997] unaccompanied mixed voices
1. Magnificat
2. Nunc dimittis
Commissioned by Bath Abbey
BBC broadcast June 10, 2007
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The Drunken Universe [from Sufi poets][1992]
treble soloists, unison treble voices, grand piano and synthesizers
Multiple broadcasts on "New Sounds", National Public Radio

The Clay Birds [1988]
boy soprano, boy alto, baritone and bass soloists, mixed voices, alto flute, percussion, organ
Commissioned by the Atlantic Three Choirs Festival
Premiere in Greenwich, Conn.
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Jesus Walking on the Waves [1978]
treble and tenor solos, unaccompanied mixed voices
Premiere in Canterbury Cathedral
Multiple BBC broadcasts
Recorded by Canterbury Cathedral Choir on York ·CD 107
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Wonder [Thomas Traherne][1987] medium-high voice and piano
Multiple BBC broadcasts
Recorded by Stephen Van Dyck (treble) and the composer on
Newport Classic ·NPD 85514
Recorded by Canterbury Cathedral Choir on York ·CD 107

“…it created quite a stir from audiences, as it has done on each performance since then.  It is ideally set for boys’ voices, in flowing melody and rich harmony.”
David Flood, in a program note for York CD 107

The Lily and the Rose [anon.][1976, revised 2006] mezzo soprano and viola

Found in Machaut's Chamber [Kenneth Patchen][1968]
tenor, flute, guitar, cello


Oxford University Press, London and New York
The Royal School of Church Music (U.S. affiliate: GIA Publications)
Anthony Piccolo Music

of other works are on the Abbey, ABC, Delos, EMI Classic, Koch, Lammas, Metier, Priory, Pro Organo and York labels